Visit Terence J Roper, MIT (London) for expert witness services Terence J Roper, MIT (London) understands how detrimental
hair loss can be to a person’s confidence. If you’ve suffered
injuries as a result of professional negligence, we can
provide legal representation.

Trichological and Medico-Legal experience

Terence J Roper, MIT (London), is a registered Expert Witness with the Law Society. He has been included in the Directory of Expert Witnesses since 1995. He has over 40 years' experience in preparing legal reports for plaintiffs in the area of personal injury and damage to the scalp and hair due to hairdressing/beauty treatments. He has over 40 years' experience with all modes of surgical hair transplantation techniques, hair extension processes and other modes of hair replacement.

If any legal advice is needed in this field, please get in touch with us.

Hair Clinic

Hair loss can be distressing and upsetting. For expert advice on hair loss treatments,
Call Terence J Roper, MIT (London) on

01206 570 980

Call us today for your initial consultation. We also provide domiciliary visits to the elderly within a 20-mile radius.


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