Scalp Disorders Non-surgical treatments by professionals in Colchester, Essex Boost your confidence! Terence J Roper, MIT (London) can
provide non-surgical hair replacement treatments for men
and women.

Non-surgical Treatments

Hair loss solutions

Are you suffering from a scalp disorder? Are you looking for non-surgical treatments to help deal with hair loss? If you're not keen on a hair transplant, we can recommend a range of non-surgical hair loss treatments.

Book a consultation with us. Our team of experts can recommend the right treatment options for you.

Hair Clinic

Hair loss can be distressing and upsetting. For expert advice on hair loss treatments,
Call Terence J Roper, MIT (London) on

01206 570 980

If you would like to find out more about the hair loss treatment options at our clinic, get in touch with us.


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