Specialist Trichology treatments in Colchester, Essex Do you suffer from thinning hair or scalp disorders? Hair loss
and hair problems can lead to psychological and emotional
problems. Terence J Roper, MIT (London) specialises in both
surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments.


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What is Trichology?

The word ‘Trichology’ is derived from the classical Greek ‘Trichos’ meaning hair. The professional Trichologist has existed in Europe since the early part of the century. The Institute of Trichologists, which was founded in 1902 is the professional body in England.

Trichology is the science and study of hair and scalp disorders. This includes all modes of hair loss and baldness (both male and female pattern hair loss), Alopecia Areata and related conditions, Scalp Dermatitis (Scaling) and any other abnormal condition of the scalp and hair. It also includes the latest precision surgical hair replacement procedures using micro and mini follicular units.

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